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He went to French schools and became fluent in Italian and French. As a novice scrap metal traders and brokers europe ferrous semi finished metals trader Brian benefited from being surrounded by knowledgeable industry vets. After bester binare optionen ort 10 year stint in the lingerie business in Seattle, Brian came back to metals when he joined Charles Bluestone Company as a stainless buyer and non ferrous trader representing this Pittsburgh company in the South in their Charlotte office.

He enjoyed 9 years with Bluestone where he had a chance to develop lasting friendships and business relationships with scrap dealers and consumers. Inshortly after Metal Management purchased Bluestone, Brian joined Powercom Services in Atlanta and in fulfilled his dream of owning his own business and started Amity Metals. In the family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. While raising three kids Merry has been teaching English as a second language part time for many years and became a full partner with Brian at Amity Metals.

Merry primarily handles financing and paperwork. It was an imposing and dangerous place in the fifties. He attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and worked to get a business degree, met his future wife and went to work with his father at Myers Brothers Inc.

He managed to find different training for a couple of years in Chicago to expand his knowledge in the business. Scrap metal traders and brokers europe his father fully retired from Myers Brothers and moved to south Florida. He purchased the company and acquired a partner who became an equal owner. They rapidly grew their account base and pushed for expansion by buying a new non-ferrous facility. They maintained the business till when they sold. In Charles joined Amity Metals as a broker.

His knowledge of the markets coupled scrap metal traders and brokers europe his extensive experience in running yard operations including a large aluminum sweat furnace can help his clients find the best markets for their metals.

During his time there, he learned how to identify and process various grades of scrap metal. While there, he was responsible scrap metal traders and brokers europe purchasing copper and brass scrap.

Jim joined Amity Metals in early and is excited about the opportunity to grow and serve his customers in the scrap metal brokerage business. Jim has served in various ISRI related boards and committees.

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Feccuni is one of Asia's leading suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous products and has grown steadily and today has a strong client network throughout the world. We are an international trading company based in Singapore interested in downstream steel porcessing and distribution, with activities ranging from the collection and processing of scrap metal through of the marketing and distribution to a wide range of steel products to manufactures.

We have good network and able to source from many destinations like U. We also can supply small quantities, competitive price is our key strength.

We are regular direct end buyers and importers of all types of Primary, Secondary and scrap metals for trading to all major Southeast Asian countries. Feccuni provides a competitive advantage with its customer-driven advanced technology solutions that optimizes your needs. India is Feccuni's largest national market followed by all major Southeast Asian countries, part of Australia and South Africa and few other American and European nations.

Feccuni's success has been achieved through the adoption of a collaborative, open and ethical internal culture. The company has an experienced and skilled management team and workforce whose commitment is reflected in its swift growth.

Growth and strong market positions have been achieved through sincere efforts, teamwork, time management, dedication and investments. The company also places great importance on research, quality control and product development, including sourcing technology from overseas and employing it effectively.

Today, the company stands as a major force in the steel industry and a key contributor to the Asian economy. As a company, and as individuals, we value: As our profile says we are a metal trading company, playing a major role in the society as recyclers. Now let's see how the process goes on:. Steel recycling saves a lot of energy. It is much more energy efficient to use steel scrap to make new steel than to mine the iron ore and then smelt it in a blast furnace. It takes about 75 percent less energy to make steel from recycled materials than it does from iron ore.

That's why today's steel manufacturers always use some steel scrap to make new steel products. After steel scrap is collected from homes, recycling centers or waste-to-energy plants, it is shipped to one of the companies that buy old steel-steel mills, iron and steel foundries, scrap dealers and detinners. Steel scrap are melted in a furnace and then poured into casters that continuously roll and flatten the steel into sheets.

Recycled steel can be made into new cars, girders for buildings, or new food cans. All new steel products contain at least 25 percent recycled steel with some containing nearly percent recycled steel. Steel can be recycled again and again.

It does not lose any of its strength or quality in the recycling process. It can be a never-ending process that continues to save energy and resources. Useful Links Legal Privacy. Amplify our business; set foot into various other markets than steel; become a pioneer in business world. Word as our bond.

Unity, integrity and honesty Open mindedness and respectfulness. Taking on big challenges and facing them. Understanding, responsibility and excellence. Long-term relationship and not short-term gains. Passion for customers, partners and technology. Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.

Accountability to customers, shareholders, partners, and employees for commitments, results, and quality. Now let's see how the process goes on: