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Both Intraday Short Sellers and Intraday Buyers in the futures market are busy closing out their futures positions and rolling it to Next month. Rollover is nothing but exiting the current position from near month and simultaneosly creating a new position in the far month.

Roll over is not done in shares but in derivatives segment of share market. Whatever position you have taken in "futures" will be squared off at the end of the "futures" end date. Instead you square off the position in near month and initiate a fresh position in "mid month" or "far month" in futures, is "Roll over".

A1 Intraday Tips has tried to explain completely the meaning of Rollover with example. Abc has Rollover buying position of tata steel in nse market.

Some time traders has to pay premium for his rollover the position e. And in august series might be so traders has to pay Rs. This depends upon market volatility and movement. You have to inform the broker to roll over your shares to the next settlement.

Every Traders who is new to stock market should first read our Stock Market education centre and How to Trade in our Stock tips to get better idea of stock market and our services. Generally Traders do Rollover in the end expiry of valan. Rollover cannot happen in other segment. Traders who would like to take more risks with great profit expectations trade in derivative segment of trading.

A1 Intraday Tips provide two days free trial on your mobile by sms. Daily Free Intraday Tips. Intraday Sure Shot Tips. Amazing success ratio in such uncertain market and paid service is very affordable.

Good job done by your team I am trading in stock market since last 8 years; I have subscribed services from many advisory companies.

But accuracy of intraday tips from this firm is the highest among all share tips companies. Then I have subscribed paid membership for trading advice and now I am quite satisfied with services. Important thing is do not think more; Just trade what you are suggested. Overall Service is very good. Your Intraday Stock tips have very good accuracy. Our Charges and Payment Options.

Basic Knowledge About Share Market. Important Rules for Intraday Traders. Definition of Emi and ways of calculating it. How Day trading benefits for Nse Traders.

Why you should take our Stock tips Services. What are share tips, how they help day traders. Stock Market Education Centre. Why day Stock Traders Lose Money. How many stock tips I will get during my free trial period? What is Bank Nifty Index?