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This is the first post of two that I will be doing as part of my annual year-end portfolio reflection. Feel free to see my results,etc. As a huge advocate of post trade analysistaking the time to look back over every trade made throughout the year is critical to long term success. The first half of the year was uneventful with best stock trading site 2015 low volatility and the back half was packed full of drama, highlighted by a three day crash in late August.

I trade as a hobby when I have free time. My daytime job is running this site alongside StockBrokers. You can learn more about us at ReinkMedia. For personal trading, I purposely limit my portfolio size. Fortunately despite several horrendous losing streaks, I was able to accomplish all three goals. In I made a whopping round trips. In I cut that number down to A reduction of completed trades or Cutting back on trade frequency was no easy task for me. The results of focusing on quality stock selection are easy to see in Trade Journal.

The first numbers highlighted are my wins and losses. Notice how my batting average was a whopping. This means that for every one winner I had four losers. This is all about cutting losers short and letting runners run. Quality stock selection allowed me to achieve this. Note each round trip best stock trading site 2015 of at least one buy and sell, some more when scaling in and out of positions. InI switched to Merrill Edge and took advantage of free monthly trades via the Preferred Awards program.

I have learned a lot about trading over the yearswith one point of wisdom being that a single trade can make or break your year. Inthanks to the Valeant VRX tradeI was best stock trading site 2015 to take my portfolio from the red to well in the black. Note, it states Dec 2nd as the last reported balance value since that was when I closed the Valeant position and I sat in cash the remainder of December.

This chart really depicts just how much a grind was. The first half of the year was a huge struggle of loss after loss.

It reminds me of early Patience paid off though with two big winners in the back half of the year. Trading is a life-long game. One year equates best stock trading site 2015 a single chapter in a lengthy book.

For a happy ending, time must run its course with many triumphs and defeats. Thanks to proper risk control, discipline, and a big best stock trading site 2015 to close out the year, I was fortunate to finish in the black. My goals for are three fold: How was your trading best stock trading site 2015 Feel free to email me and let me know. Enter your email address.

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