Top 10 Best New Small Scale Business ideas in India 2018

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Top and Best Manufacturing Business Ideas with low investment and high profits. Manufacturing business has always been a lucrative field for the people best business investment options in india. Initially it demands reasonable investment but once it is established it fetches heavy consistent profits. However selecting a good manufacturing business idea is key for the success of the business.

There are various manufacturing business ideas across the world where one can start. In this article, we would provide some top and best manufacturing business ideas which can be started with low investment and that can yield high profits. The list contains 22 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas that can yield high profits but can be started with low investment.

The list also includes new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India. One should review each and every manufacturing business given here and select the one which is suitable to them. All may not suite to every one. What is Manufacturing Business?

A business that uses raw material and components to prepare finished product with the help of machinery is best business investment options in india as manufacturing business. This raw product can be sold directly to the consumer or to the other industry as raw material. A manufacturing unit is a man and machine set-up that requires substantial investment at the initial stage but once it is established in a proper manner, it will fetch good profits.

Some business units demand high investment whereas some can be started with low investments also. Here is a list of some of the top manufacturing business ideas that can be initiated with low investments and are expected to fetch high profits. One should review the pros and cons of each and every business idea, place of business and than take a call about starting such manufacturing business.

Furniture is an indispensable item for homes, schools, business premises etc. Everybody is in need of tables, chairs, sofas, beds, wardrobes etc. So, the manufacturing of furniture can be a great business idea. The estimated capital required is Rs. One can get high cost from such low cost business idea. You can also open this business with large size and this new manufacturing business idea with high investment can give very high profits. With the increasing awareness of fashion, garments have been in highest demand.

Moreover, the demand is never-ending. So, the manufacturing of garment is a very productive business. There is no estimated capital as one can start it as best business investment options in india as Rs 1 Lakh and it can go to several crores too. This is one of the most profitable manufacturing business to start. Leather products are always in great demand. Small items made of leather can be created easily with the help of simple tools and machinery. The capital required best business investment options in india this business is around Rs.

There is regular demand for stationary items for offices and schools. Files, folders, pens, accounts books, pencil, eraser, sharpener, etc the list is endless. These items are even demanded by small and big industries. So, keeping in best business investment options in india the demand for these products, the manufacturing of these units can be a great idea.

This is a low investment business with high profits. Automobile industry is flourishing in every part of the country. All the automobiles industry needs spare parts to be assembled I their units.

If you possess good business skills and have substantial finance capacity, you can start this business. It is not necessary to produce too many parts. One can specialize in few spare parts of the automobile industry. One should manufacture only those parts that are required on regular basis. The investment here is approximately Rs. We live in an agriculture-based country. Any person who possesses a good knowledge of chemicals and fertilizers, he can start with fertilizer manufacturing unit at a small scale.

If the business goes successful, it has huge expansion potential. The investment here is Rs. Indoor and outdoor games have always been popular amongst kids as well as elders. Manufacturing of small sports related items can be a good business idea like manufacturing of ball, bat, carom, badminton rackets etc. The business of honey making is associated with bee farming.

It is one of the easiest business ideas that can be started with low cost. Honey is in great demand due to its remedial properties. The capital needed is Rs. People would also called this as good home manufacturing business idea. Toys have always been favorite items best business investment options in india kids and their sale never goes down. One can take some evergreen toy design and style with some innovation in it. The investment is not much in this business idea. The bottled mineral water is in high demand these days due to its extensive use in weddings, parties, hotels etc.

The manufacturing of packaged mineral water is an excellent business idea subject to the condition that it is made hygienically. Pure drinking water is a big problem in urban areas these days. So, the manufacturing of small water filters and small home based RO plants can be a great best business investment options in india for starting business. The amount of capital required here is quite huge ranging from Rs.

Although there are many renowned brands that sell biscuits and chocolates but still many people prefer to have hand-made biscuits and other bakery items. So, a small home-base bakery is an excellent idea for business.

Fancy candles with good fragrance are always in demand especially in hotel industry and near the festival time and this makes it a very good home based business best business investment options in india. The space required in this business is also not much. The start-up can be established with a space of even a single room.

The capital required is around Rs. The raw best business investment options in india required is wax, perfume, moulds, dye etc. Paper is extensively used in schools and colleges along with other industries for billing and recording their business transactions. All in all, it is used in every sector. Manufacturing of paper does not demand high investment too. The capital required here is 1 to 2 lakh. The machinery and space required is based on the paper size, volume and quality.

The best business investment options in india for aluminum doors and windows is increasing very fast in metro cities as well as small towns. The business is quite profitable and requires a very small capital.

If you are good at baking cakes and biscuits, it is an ideal business best business investment options in india can be started from kitchen with an investment as low as Rs. It is a home-based manufacturing business. People these days are in great demand for home-made bakery products that are healthy and hygienic.

Moreover, they are widely used for corporate and industrial gifting. If the taste of your product matches the taste buds of people, your business will reach new height in a short span of time. This is a good food manufacturing business idea to start with. If you are interested in creative art and craft work, making of creative craft items can be a great home-based business idea.

Such products are in huge demand and require very little capital. Disposable plates, glasses, and cups are gaining grounds in the market because of the nature of disposability associated with them.

The business can be started using simple machinery and very low investment. You may need small manufacturing machines for this. Printer is very commonly used for billing purposes these days. So, the demand for inks and cartridges is also increasing day by day. Carpets have always been associated with richness and royalty. They are widely used in hotel industry. These have become good even at homes now. They can be machine-made and hand-made too.

The business of manufacturing carpets can be started easily with a small investment and the potential is huge. Mobile phones are used by one and all. Their sales have increased tremendously in recent years and so is the demand for its accessories. Various accessories are used to decorate the phone and to safeguard it as well. It is a good business idea with huge growth prospects. The investment is also very low ranging about Rs 50, to 2 lakh.

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